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Private Economy forces Network Expansion

Companies of the Production Network pay broadband connection with own means – partner for the technical execution is envia TEL

Limbach-Oberfrohna/­Gelenau/­Hartmannsdorf/­Mülsen/­Markkleeberg: The Saxon company union „The Production Network“ forces the connection of its seven partner companies to the broadband network. Since the 2nd of May 2016 the software and IT-specialists of the DELTA BARTH Unternehmensgruppe as well as the OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG and the Limbacher Oberflächenveredelung GmbH possess the internet with high speed. Herewith the Network mortises the financing completely with own means. The telecommunication service and network provider envia TEL is the partner for the technical execution.

„We invest in the economic further development of our companies and at the same time in the digital infrastructure of our city and our region with the broadband connection“, the managing director of the DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH, Annett Barth, explains.

Internet with maximum speed: „Connections of all-glass fiber build the basis for the telecommunication requirements of the next centuries. They are one of the essential location and competition factors for industry and business“, Stephan Drescher, envia TEL-managing director, explains. High-class communication networks are often missing in rural regions especially. As a regional telecommunication service provider, envia TEL forces the broadband expansion in Central Germany. The company has connected about 350 companies in more than 30 business locations in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg to the high speed network and plans to connect about 200 further locations in the next years.

So all partners of the Production Network shall receive the high-performance connection of all-glass fiber step-by-step as well. The connection of the Antares GmbH in Hartmannsdorf and the AMS Technology GmbH in the commercial park south in Limbach-Oberfrohna will be taken place in July. The Schwalbe Metallbau GmbH situated in Mülsen near Zwickau as well as the GEMAG Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG will be connected to the broadband network of envia TEL until September as well.

„In times of digital business processes and increasing networking of production and merchandise management, a high-performance IT-infrastructure based on fast data connections is the basic precondition for competitive position and growth“, Ingolf Baum, authorised officer at the OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG, explains. That is why the companies of the Production Network would and could not wait any longer for the network expansion and moved ahead.

PM 6 Glasfaserausbau Delta Barth Bild 2 800x533„The envia TEL proved to be as a reliable, flexible partner and certified due to the price-performance-level“, Annett Barth talks about the technical execution of the project. The question with which network provider the conversion to the connection with all-glass fiber should be realised decided between two well-known providers. Herewith, the envia TEL convinced with its technological solution which is and remains sustainable due to increasement rates up to the Gigabit-scope. „Any barriers are not set anymore concerning the next years with our new broadband connection in reference to data quantities and transfer speeds – this is absolutely necessary for companies today“, Annett Barth describes further.

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