GEMAG Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG

Branch: machine building

Employees: 100

Customer since: 2001


Medium-sized companies among each other. The Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG searched a partner at eye level for the implementation of a new company software.

With the implementation of a new ERP-software, something had been combined that belongs to each other at the Gemag - Gelenauer Maschinebau AG: merchandise management as well as production planning and control had been connected together since then and base on a permanent data exchange. As follows productivity and turnover increased with DELECO®. In the year 2004 still execution requirement, the machine programming system Coscom had been included soon which creates cross linkings from DELECO® to the tool administration. The supplier for machine boards and components focuses extremely on the medium-sized mindset of the DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH for whose customers.


  • Implementation firewall solution
  • Equipment with client solutions of DELTA BARTH and server solutions
  • Installation of virtualisation solution

Installation and configuration:

  • Mail & collaboration platform
  • Backup solution
  • ERP-System DELECO®
  • Mail archive solution

© Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG
Tool chain magazines also belong to the portfolio.
© Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG
The GEMAG set the course for the future with the building of a modern production area in the year 2002.
© Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG
The GEMAG delivers at first machine boards and components to customers from the tool and pressure machine building.
© Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG
The Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG has been established since almost 50 years as reliable partner in the industry region South-West-Saxony which is rich in tradition.

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