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Branch: Electronics

Employees: 15

Customer since: 2002


ERP is not a question of the size

From the Excel-table to the company software – a decision that counts. Since the use of the ERP-software DELECO® the Kamera & System Technik GmbH from Pirna states a yearly turnover growth. Especially the purchase is supported optimally by the administration of multi-level parts lists with many single parts and different process steps according to the software-controlled process handling. Development, production and marketing of the innovative camera solutions made by KST require a high administration effort that can only be handled by a flexible and adjustable software. So new requirements for the material administration are added again which can be fulfilled by the functional enlargements of DELTA BARTH.

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TrafficLux® Streamline: KST-1063
© Kamera & System Technik GmbH
TrafficLux® Streamline: KST-1048

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