Wir sind weiterhin für Sie da! - DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH

Liebe Kunden und Partner,

im Zeichen der aktuellen Ereignisse möchten wir Ihnen sagen: Wir sind für Sie da!

Wir stehen Ihnen weiterhin telefonisch, per E-Mail oder über unsere digitalen Kommunikationsplattformen zur Verfügung. Bei all Ihren Anfragen rund um DELECO® ERP, IFOS, IT-Infrastruktur oder Homeoffice-Lösungen unterstützen wir Sie bestmöglich.


Kommen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter gut durch diese Zeit!

Das Team der DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH


DELECO® Mobile CRM App

Users have all business contacts readily to hand at each time with the DELECO® Mobile CRM App for the management of address and customer data. You have mobile access to the customer information deposed in DELECO® – including the current business data as well as information about concrete projects.

The DELECO® Mobile CRM App enables the access via Smartphone, Tablet-PC and Co. and had been developped for the operating systems Apple iOS and Android by Google.

  • Full mobile access to contact and customer information from DELECO®
  • Direct opening of the telephony menu, E-mail-client or browser via the surface of the DELECO® Mobile CRM App
  • Connection between address data and Google Maps for routeing


Mobile maintenance management – DELECO® App

The DELECO® App manages the mobile work in the maintenance scope. Trouble reports can be registered and edited uncoupled from a fix working place, service works can be executed directly at the machine herewith.

With it the DELECO® App is the instrument to register troubles onsite in a qualified way and to repair defects faster – efficient working organisation and decreased idle times are the result.

The DELECO® App enables the access via Smartphone, Tablet-PC and Co. and had been developped for the operating systems Apple iOS and Android by Google.

  • The barcode of a machine is scanned via the camera of the mobile device.
  • Afterwards, trouble reports can be viewed on the Smartphone or Tablet-PC and edited directly.
  • So it is possible for example to save the exact time when the defect occurred, a detailed description of the problem as well as the photos of the defect centrally in DELECO®.
  • You have access to the central database of DELECO® independently from the site. All relevant information (for example service history of the machine, set up documents, parts lists) are available at each time.
  • The use of the App is also possible without network access for example in a factory work floor where any internet connection can not be produced. Hereby, the App will be synchronised with DELECO® afterwards.
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