ERP-Software Deleco Finanzbuchhaltung Fibu

Finance | Controlling

The figures must be right

In order to cover all requirements of a business accounting a comfortable financial and asset accounting as well as a straight cost accounting is necessary. DELECO® finance fulfills all criteria and completes these by meaningful controlling mechanisms including figure and early warning system, rating as well as integrated planning.



The accounting serves for the business efficiency as well as exactness and is absolutely necessary at the procedure of all business processes. International business connections are simplified by the conduction of any desired own and external currencies. Early effects like figures of the credit ranking to the middle-term liquidity are recognised by a simulation. DELECO® finance is GDPdU-certified and can be used intersectorally.



"It is not only possible for us to execute the classical tasks of the accounting in DELECO® finance. Furthermore, the software delivers a meaningful basis for funded decisions with profit centres, liquidity considerations or plan profit and loss account."

Lutz Bitomsky, Managing Partner

Walter Otto Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Itzehoe

Human resources

DELECO® finance produces transparency and allows precise, individual data access. Fully integrated, the software provides a sophisticated payroll accounting as well as a complete personnel and travel management on one single data basis. The key tasks of the personnel management are illustrated completely. Starting at the application administration via the personnel analysis until the electronic personnel file – the functions of DELECO® finance support the human resources at all levels.



A safe controlling keeps an eye on all company processes. All data are available at each time – the optimal basis for cost accounting, budgeting, figure system and rating. DELECO® finance collects all information from previous systems in one central data warehouse for later analyses. The individual overviews are always available on smartphone or tablet-PC even in transit. The full information extent for the strategic company planning as well as an unlimited informational value is guaranteed at each time with it.


  • Accounting of cost centres and cost units
  • Asset accounting
  • Budgeting and balancing
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