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Merchandise Management

Processes need a strong basis

The core of DELECO® is the merchandise management. Here, the daily business in figures, data as well as documents is kept and edited. The single modules are synchronised perfectly. Each detail of the business processes is considered and will be supported functionally. All following processes lay on this strong basis.


Sales and invoicing

If an offer will be crowned by the invoicing so the distribution department did everything fine. Also special features contribute to this in the ERP-software decisively: In order to picture the offer cycle within a query continuously and clearly so the offers receive version numbers in DELECO®. Even after the placing of the order, all processes are supported completely and deposed with the particular documents – delivery notes and shipping labels including. Besides general orders are administrated; starting at the advance payment until the final invoice, each special invoicing type is used. Delivery dates and material availabilities have already been calculated with the order confirmation. So an immediate reaction is guaranteed for example at requests by phone.



Calculation - Pre- and post-calculation of the products
Calculation - Pre- and post-calculation of the products


Pre- and post-calculation of the products

An exact price charging due to data deposed before – individual calculation drafts provide fast charging in DELECO®. Herewith, offers use existing item calculations; but can also be charged separated if demanded. The calculation with several lot sizes creates the free space to offer different sliding prices. It is possible to check the indicated cost estimates during the project cycle at each time due to a concurrent calculation. Thereby, expenses and earnings are compared continuously. Finally, a complete post-calculation does not only ensures a cost-effective, but a profitable working.


Purchase and ordering system

Offering suggestion - Disposal about several suppliers possible
Offering suggestion
Offering suggestion - Disposal about several suppliers possible

Offering suggestion

Disposal about several suppliers possible

Where media disruptions can be avoided so any faults do not occur. That is why DELECO® shows a process without gaps, starting at the ordering requirements until the invoice receipt. If several suppliers had been asked, starting at a material demand or an external placing, so the incoming offers are compared by the system automatically. At the following ordering, the purchaser is able to decide now for the best price or the earliest delivery date due to the priority.


Material disposal

A minimisation of the capital commitment is reached by the separation of stock- and offer-related disposal. The stock comparison and if demanded the generating of orderings are submitted automatically by the perfect match of all data. The simple and optimal operation is assisted by the user-friendly functions with traffic light.


Stock and materials management

The goods receipt is the interface between purchase and stock. In order to register incoming goods in the ERP-system fast and without faults so the orderings are used as draft for the check of the goods receipt. With it, the transfer of all positions to the purchase process takes place automatically. Herewith, continuity is guaranteed – until the control of the delivery dates, the charge tracking including work certificates and documentations as well as the inventory.



Mobility is progress. Apps for the accounting of incoming and outgoing movements stimulate the stock and provide a simple handling of shipping and picking.



"Starting at the spare parts stock until the STOPA stock system of sheet metal, we keep an eye on all stocks with DELECO® literally. Due to the practical disposal information, the availabilities or the price development of an item are visible with one click. Furthermore, the collective orderings which really save time and money in the everyday life are an added value."

Ingolf Baum, Management Board

OMEGA Blechbearbeitung Limbach-Oberfrohna AG


The electronic transfer of documents like orders, orderings and invoices between customers and suppliers – this is trading in top speed. DELECO® communicates automated and smoothly via an interface with other ERP-systems – no multiple inputs, no time-consuming corrections.


Shops and eCommerce

The goods catalogue in the internet is a resource-friendly as well as an effective variation for customers and sellers in order to provide products at each place worldwide. That is why the web shop linking to DELECO® is the solution for a fast and uncomplicated ordering procedure.


Analyses and DELECO® Cockpit

The instruments for an effective order tracking are overviews to material availability, production status and upcoming delivery dates. Moreover, business decisions require further figures like turnovers of customers and suppliers or the general business development. DELECO® offers a large amount of individual analyses which deliver the necessary knowledge for each user.


  • Links provide for fast and simple navigation between the modules
  • Linking to stock administration systems
  • Item configurator
  • Label print
  • Complaint administration
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Payment preview
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