3D Micromac AG

Branch: machine building, plant engineering

Employees: 140

Customer since: 2009


3D-Micromac sets value on precision

The production of uniques as at the 3D-Micromac AG requires overview and optimal support by a software. With it the PDM-system Autodesk takes over the realisation at the producer of machines for the laser micro processing and functions as interface between the ERP-software DELECO® and the CAD-program. Out of it a workflow occurs from the construction until the production whose processes are pictured with DELECO®. The integrated software solutions for document management and financial accounting also count to them. The whole concept to react on individual requirements of the user company as standard ERP-management brought the award for DELECO®.

© 3D Micromac AG
3D-Micromac pictures almost all processes with the help of the ERP-software.
© 3D Micromac AG
Contracts, samples of new developments, technologies; simply all documents of the company are archived in digitised form in DELECO®.
© 3D Micromac AG
The 3D-Micromac AG produces machines for the laser micro processing which is used in the industry as well as in the research.

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