Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH

Branch: plant engineering

Employees: 120

Customer since: 2006


Manufacturer of stainless steel accelerate its processes with ERP-Software

The change from the old system to DELECO® overnight was a large challenge – for the software producer DELTA BARTH as well as for the user, the Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH itself. This can only be executed by an IT-service provider that has enough experience and the necessary manpower as well. The production of customer-individual special apparatus as well as small series requires different production conditions. The business software DELECO® serves for the permanently optimal usage rate of the capacities. The company situated in Crimmitschau uses the DELECO® Add-on for SolidWorks for the cooperation between construction and production. This simplifies amongst others the administration of the parts lists and whose balance between CAD-software and ERP-system.


  • Delivery of a server solution

Installation and configuration:

  • Virtualisation platform
  • Database server

Installation, configuration and operation of:

  • Backup solution

© Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH
company building of Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH in Crimmitschau
© Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH
Rudert guarantees customer specific production, short production times and highest delivery reliablility.
© Rudert Edelstahl-Technik GmbH
Rudert is one of the largest vessel manufacturers in Germany with about 6.000 produced hot water tanks per year and lots of further special vessels and special plants.

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