FeinwerkTechnik GmbH

Branch: machine building, plant engineering

Employees: 75

Customer since: 2006


With the right strategy to the smooth ERP-system change

A company with high production depth at small production quantities, complex parts lists, variation diversity and highest precision requirements requests complex functionalities and adjustment capability on the side of the software. That is why the ERP-Software DELECO® convinced the FeinwerkTechnik GmbH all along the line. Especially the quality management as well as the integrated financial accounting and cost accounting were the most important facts for the decision of the system. Step-by-step standard modules of the merchandise management and production had been included with individual adjustments to administrate general orders, to picture consignment stocks and drawing administration to the working environment of the producer for precision gears. The difficulty to implement DELECO® at the current operation could be solved smoothly.


Equipment with:

  • Client and server solutions

Installation, configuration of:

  • Virtualisation platform
  • Messaging and collaboration platform
  • Database server
  • Monitoring system
  • Backup solution
  • ERP-System DELECO®

© FeinwerkTechnik GmbH
The single part as well as the board production takes place in small and middle production quantities herewith.
© FeinwerkTechnik GmbH
The FeinwerkTechnik GmbH develops, constructs and produces precision gears.
© FeinwerkTechnik GmbH
A small insight to the turnery of the FeinwerkTechnik GmbH.
© FeinwerkTechnik GmbH
Air view of the company building of the FeinwerkTechnik GmbH in Altenberg.

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