ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH

Branch: Plant Engineering

Employees: 100

Customer since: 2008


Always one step ahead – with security

The ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH which is situated in Grünhainichen is one of the leading producers of access and security systems – embassies, airports, power plants as well as famous companies trust the security made in Germany. That is why the company itself makes highest demands on the liability of their products. At least, these are as high as for the ERP-software. DELECO® fulfills the defined requirements due to sophisticated scalability and smart functions like the connection of a document management system. The ERP-system functions as superordinated organizational head office in almost all scopes and optimizes the working processes of the ZABAG. Currently, the whole project management has already been controlled by DELECO®. The company is planning an enlargement at the moment: The service and the maintenance shall be integrated in the future as well in order to reach a further added value of effectivity.

© ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH
Primed for the digital future with DELTA BARTH
© ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH
The access and security technologies of ZABAG protect human beings, plants and know-how.
ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH - Bollard-Crashtest

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