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Servicing and maintenance measures are essential for the conservation of value as well as the performance standby of machines and plants. The specialised modules of the DELECO® Maintenance Management take over the steps of the organisation, control and check which are necessary therefore.


Asset and plant administration

The asset administration pictures the machines and plants hierarchically which are situated at the location or at the customer. Servicing plans which had been set up therefore indicate the counter- or time-dependent cycles of the executing servicing works. Furthermore, all necessary materials and working cycles are deposed. Technical documentations and test regulations are recorded directly at the asset and that is why they can be printed at each time during the execution of the servicing works. The plant as well as the parts list history are updated automatically when charging the servicing orders.


Servicing orders and order administration

Here, all maintenance and repair orders are planned, generated and handled according to the servicing defaults. The materials which are necessary therefore as well as the executing works are preset in the accompanying order documents in an optimised print view which serves the maintenance staff for the fast transfer of feedback data. DELECO® also reacts on unplanned servicings immediately. Due to the machine integration, the software registers and categorises automatically status data like counts as well as trouble or damage codes of the connected plants for example. Servicing queries or trouble reports can be set up uncomplicated now and based on qualified information and scheduled temporally.



"The maintenance management of DELECO® provides many complex functions, but can be operated simply nevertheless. Test, servicing, repair, etc. - all processes to maintain our machinery can be controlled by this system. And the App has proved itself in the practice."

Marcel Mill, Manager Mechanism Post-Production

SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG, Heiligengrabe

Technical purchase and stock management

DELECO® works with an intelligent disposal which uses the material demands from the released servicing orders. Orderings are also submitted automatically during the inventory alignment and the software manages the control of the delivery dates as well. The orderings for materials of spare and wearing parts serve as draft to check and account at the same time. With it, a correct and fast goods receipt is guaranteed so that all inventories are always clear and up to date in the stock. Additionally, the status illustration per traffic light colours provide a clear and explicit presentation.


Mobile maintenance management

The web-based portal of trouble report by DELECO® stimulates the maintenance. Unplanned servicings can be recorded mobile and tracked via terminals or the associated App. So the portal of trouble report does not only guarantee access to all current servicing orders at the PC-workplace, but also in the factory work floor.

Unplanned services can be recorded mobile via terminals or the associated App and can be traced further.
Trouble report
The trouble report portal guarantees access to all current service orders in the factory work floor as well as at the PC-workstation.
Overview Trouble reports


Analyses and DELECO® Cockpit

The costs which occur by maintenance and servicing measures as well as the existing budget of the single plants can be appealed via a detailed analysis. Working and travel times as well as material efforts are registered centrally in DELECO® and provided time-saving for the settlement. Beyond this, the information portal Cockpit prepares meaningful overviews of the plant availability as well as personnel employment planning for a solid predictability.


  • Stand-alone implementation or connection to an ERP-system
  • Machine integration
  • Plant availability including analysis about occurred errors
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