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ERP-Software Deleco Projektmanagement


Perfect planning ensures success

Each milestone is defined clearly, all tasks planned exactly – this is the characteristic of successful projects. DELECO® implements this principle and guarantees a target-oriented working procedure by regular checks of the project progress. The intelligent types of picturing and the control mechanisms of the software are profitable assistants at the budgeting, planning and analysis of projects.



Project overview - Project tasks and milestones
Project overview
Project overview - Project tasks and milestones

Project overview

Project tasks and milestones

To recognise defiles early and to illustrate critical paths are essential functions at each project planning. In order to guarantee this in real time all tasks, milestones and dates are registered and deposed with resources as well as target times. DELECO® controls the systematic project cycle by the feedback of times and tasks.


Control and coordination

The complete project planning of DELECO® prepares the execution of the projects optimally and accompanies these through the whole time period. The defined project objectives always remain in the focus by regular date controls. At unplanned events, DELECO® enables a fast reaction: The responsible person of the project will be informed immediately, tasks can be moved flexibly or the size of the team can be adjusted. Herewith, the basis is the employment planning of the employees in consideration of their qualifications and capacities.


Time registration

Starting at the factory work floor until the office of the payroll accounting – the registration and analysis of working times takes place targeted for each project. The executed times are transferred to DELECO® person-, project- and task-related via PC or mobile via App and are directly available for the settlement. Hereby, variable shift models, wage and time types are considered.



"Clarity – this is the largest advantage for us referring to the project management of DELECO®. All departments, starting at the distribution via the development until the production, view the status of each single project immediately. The transparency increased, the coordination effort decreased considerably and the target-oriented execution takes place demonstrably faster than before. All participants have access to DELECO® Cockpit and with it the same level of knowledge as well. The analyses which the software offers can be implemented individually and are exactly on the point with it."

Matthias Kluge, Manager IT

SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH, Halsbrücke

Cost analysis

Cost analysis - Earnings and expenses in the overview
Cost analysis
Cost analysis - Earnings and expenses in the overview

Cost analysis

Earnings and expenses in the overview

DELECO® offers the best all-round view to costs and earnings with this module – each position will be illustrated in details, the cost-relevant project status will be controlled without gaps. The working times of the employees as well as the expenses for production and material will be summed and presented clearly according to due date- or period-related analyses. With it DELECO® also looks to the future because expected earnings and costs are available for the business planning as well.


Analyses and DELECO® Cockpit

Cockpit - Keep your eye on the project tasks
Cockpit - Keep your eye on the project tasks


Keep your eye on the project tasks

Project planners are informed precisely at each time about the current completion levels with DELECO®. The summary of several orders to one project as well as the global approach and analysis which is connected with it characterise the strong project analysis. In order to focus the planned tasks permanently employees can appeal personalised to-do-lists in the web portal Cockpit.


  • Drafts for the project planning
  • Status tracking of project tasks
  • Current cost and date control
  • Planning of human resources
  • Project documentation
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