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ERP-Software IFOS


The production planning offers procedures to schedule the cycle and the capacity usage rate exactly in time. The factory data are registered in the production planning and information concerning the working status are prepared.


Planning and control

  • Dialogue-oriented dispatching by the principle of the reverse scheduling
  • Machine occupation plans
  • Capacity planning
  • Availability check of material until the raw material level
  • Print of working documents including assembly list (with barcode)
  • Registration of charge information at the feedback
  • Partly as well as complete feedback of production orders
  • Target-Actual-Comparison
  • Summary of parts from different orders


Factory data capture

  • Different feedback procedures for process steps and material
  • Registration of non-productive activities
  • Integration of the personnel time registration
  • Complex instruments to control production
  • Data input via special user surface
  • Machine data capture possible


Feedback - Feedback of process steps
Feedback - Feedback of process steps


Feedback of process steps

Offal reports - Analysis of offal information
Offal reports
Offal reports - Analysis of offal information

Offal reports

Analysis of offal information


Cost unit accounting

  • Feedback information effect the cost unit accounting
  • Cost units are allocated ex- or implicit
  • Efforts separated by material and wage
  • Summarised orders are allocated to original orders

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